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At, we provide you with the chance to buy email list information that combines vital industry contacts, including managers, finance directors, analysts, supervisors and more. As soon as you purchase and download your email marketing list, you can put that information to use by making connections with other professionals via email, phone or snail mail. Each of our lists is fully up to date, and we ensure you never have to deal with the problem of generic contact information.

Building bulk email lists can be enormously difficult, so we have combined all the important details into a single email list for you. Whether you're contacting other finance directors or their staff, we have taken the time to build the perfect email contact database for your needs. It's simple, effective and easy with us.


2013 Q1


CSV and Excel


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387,000 (100% of records include "primary" email addresses!)


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VP Financing Email Lists

For finance directors, finance managers, supervisors and their staff, building email mailing lists is a vital, yet seemingly insurmountable task. Its time consuming, and almost impossible to find relevant, accurate contact information. However, we provide you and your staff with a fast, convenient way to build email marketing lists without sacrificing untold hours of effort and frustration. provides you with the means to contact other professionals and industry leaders directly, without you having to do all the legwork yourself. In fact, we provide you with the industry's most accurate email lists, including double verified results. Each email database we sell includes full contact information - that means you receive email addresses, telephone numbers, full names and even physical mailing addresses. Each result is accurate and vetted. We never sell generic information, so you know you're getting access to the specific individuals you need in order to create an effective email marketing list. Compare our options to those provided by other companies in the industry. We're confident you'll see just how valuable our lists are. Moreover, you'll realize we also offer industry-best pricing as well as the most convenient process possible. Your success is our mission, and all of our lists are created with that in mind. The product contains finance directors, finance managers, finance supervisors, finance analysts, financing staff email lists.