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139,000 Records - 2013 Direct Email Lists

Trying to cull together a quality, accurate insurance carriers decision makers email list can be quite burdensome. In addition, you want to be able to make contacts with vital, important members in that world, some of whom you may not be acquainted with currently. If you buy email lists that are full of relevant contacts in your area of marketing, you will have an edge over competition and a means of establishing solid connections.

You may have purchased an inferior bulk email list previously. Fortunately, these are different. With, you'll find that you can rely on the information you receive. The contacts provided are accurate and relevant, so you don't waste your time or money.


2013 Q1


CSV and Excel


US United States


139,000 (100% of records include "primary" email addresses!)


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In fact, there are lots of features that set our lists apart. First, our contacts are taken from an industry email database, so they will be individuals who can make decisions in the insurance market. Furthermore, the information is double verified, so you can rest assured that you aren't sending emails to abandoned addresses. Once an email contact is verified, it is checked for accuracy at least once per year, sometimes more frequently. Short of actually opening your emails ourselves for those addresses on our lists, we do everything possible to provide you with the highest quality lists around. Once you've decided to buy, you have a whole range of payment options, from online credit card payments to money orders. Plus, if you purchase online, you'll immediately receive a download link to your email mailing list. Finally, if you need a custom list, just send in your exact qualifications, and we can help! The product contains accident and health insurance, fire, marine, and casualty insurance, hospital and medical service plans, insurance carriers, life insurance, pension, health, and welfare funds, surety insurance, title insurance email lists.