International Email Lists

If you do business all over the globe, you know the value that high quality international email lists can bring to your business. We have spent the time and money collecting email lists from every country in the world including Canada, UK, Dubai, and we offer a wide variety of Chinese email lists as well. Every list includes all of the contact information you need, including names, postal addresses, and phone numbers. Our lists are also accurate and up to date and double verified to assure you only receive high quality lists you can use again and again.

This is the first time I have used an email database service and received information that was accurate and correct. In addition, the service is affordable and easy and fast to use. This has been the most positive experience I have had and as a result, I have made industry contacts I couldn’t have obtained otherwise. I highly recommend this service.

Brenda Jackson, AB Global

Email is one of the fastest and most reliable way to reach industry contacts all over the world and when you need international email databases, you’ll find there is no reason to look anywhere except for for your needs. We offer a variety of lists from all over the globe including Canada, UK, and Dubai and China. We offer email address mailing lists from almost every country in the world. Once you see how fast and easy it is to contact industry professionals through global email, you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before. Our email address lists are always up to date, double verified and will never contain duplicate or generic entries like some other companies may provide. While some of our competitors will promise you accurate lists, they often will provide you with a compiled list of fake information, leading to wasted time, money, and manpower on your part. If you want to connect with industry leaders and decision makers in your business, you need to purchase international mailing lists from We make it our top priority to only provide you with information you can use, and we will never sell you information that isn’t real, or is duplicated. Our lists are verified and heavily monitored to assure the utmost quality. Email contact is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get in touch with professionals in your industry, and it’s an even more valuable tool for international communication where you’re thousands of miles and many time zones apart. You can settle for companies that will promise you much more, or you can purchase your international mailing lists from us where you’ll get high quality, affordable contacts for much less money than buying from other companies or trying to collect the information yourself.