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2013 Q1


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139,000 (100% of records include "primary" email addresses!)


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CEO Email Mailing Lists

If you've spent your valuable time and money trying to make connections by reaching out to executives on your own, then you're well aware of the trials and tribulations associated with trying to work around secretaries and receptionists who may or may not pass along your message, but who definitely do not let you speak to the person in charge. No matter how much research you seem to do, you're always falling short and now you're out the time and money that you've spent trying to do recon work instead of your own work. Here's a better solution: purchase a printing, publishing & allied industries decision makers email list from and forget about nosy secretaries and phone numbers or email addresses that get you nowhere. Our exhaustive database of email marketing lists provides you with the direct contact information for the person that you need to be speaking to. Within mere minutes you can purchase and download a list from and be placing that phone call to invite the CEO of a major organization to your next company cocktail. The product contains blankbooks and looseleaf binders, book printing, book publishing, bookbinding and related work, commercial printing, gravure, commercial printing, lithographic, commercial printing ,greeting cards, manifold business forms, miscellaneous publishing, newspapers,periodicals, platemaking services, typesetting email lists.