Physician Database

Using a national physician database for email marketing has increasingly become the predominant method for generating leads and reaching out to physicians and other medical professionals. Compiling an accurate and comprehensive doctor database is the first step in beginning a targeted email marketing campaign. The quality of the physician database used during an email marketing campaign is the most important factor in the campaign's success.

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Often, purchasing a physician database is not as simple as it sounds. Many companies offer doctor database options that are limited by usage or format (not to mention incomplete or inaccurate). This type of physician database limitation does impact the success of your campaign. In addition, it is imperative that the physicians database that you use is up to date, so your time is not wasted on leads that will never convert to sales.

A successful email marketing campaign is targeted and precise. Using your doctor database will often involve sorting possible contacts by specialty, geographical location, or by title. An ideal physicians database will be sortable by all of these categories.

Use Physician Database Effectively

In addition, email alone is not the only way to utilize a physician database. When you purchase a physician database, make sure that you are getting more than just email addresses. The doctor database you purchase should include a physical address and phone number in addition to email address so you can tailor your campaign and maximize returns. You will be able to use your doctor database to market through multiple channels and get even more bang for your buck.

A national physician database from can provide you with all the tools you will need to effectively stage an email marketing campaign. Each physician database we offer is available moments after purchase, downloadable in either Excel or CSV formats and ready for use. In addition to email addresses, each physicians database also includes the mailing address and phone number for each contact.