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53,400 Records - 2013 Direct Email Lists

No matter the industry you work in chances are you are looking to build your business while better serving your current customer base. Direct email marketing can help you meet your business goals but only if you can reach the right people. If you've never looked at email lists for sale in the past you are missing an opportunity to get in touch directly with managers, assistants, and buyers. These are the people you want to hear from you.

An email mailing list that is current provides you with a list of constituents who are ready to hear what you have to offer. Whether you are marketing goods or services, an opt in email list can be your best friend for getting in touch with purchasing higher-ups such as directors, agents, or senior buyers.


2013 Q1


CSV and Excel


US United States


53,400 (100% of records include "primary" email addresses!)


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The email marketing lists that Email-lists.com supplies you with will get your foot in the door while you work on creating the perfect vehicle for your message. Getting the attention of purchasing directors, managers, agents, buyers, and senior buyers will never happen if your email database isn't populated with industry leaders. You need to talk to these potential clients right away; don't take the chance that you will one day bump into them or stumble onto their contact information. When you buy an email list from us you can have confidence that your message will be heard. In this day and age you can't afford to miss out and give your competitors the winning advantage. If you are looking for more sales, better communication, and satisfied clients a b2b email list will be one of the most important pieces to your business growth. A stagnant business will find the most benefit first from buying the right bulk email list; after this the rest will be easy. The product contains purchasing managers, purchasing directors, senior buyers, purchasing agents email lists.