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Email marketing can actually be particularly effective when you're trying to communicate with decision makers in the retail electronics industry. These people are obviously more likely to be in front of their computers on a more regular basis anyway. Of course, that also means that the quality of the email marketing lists you're using becomes even more important when you're targeting a demographic that is so frequently exposed to a deluge of internet marketing.

You won't have to worry about the quality of your bulk email lists when you're buying them from The information will be fresh, and it will get you in touch with real decision makers in both retail computer shops and general electronics stores.


2013 Q1


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US United States


24,100 (100% of records include "primary" email addresses!)


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After all, the whole point of buying a retail trade - computer, software, TV, radio, & electronic stores decision maker email list in the first place is to initially establish relationships with precisely these kinds of individuals. Once some of your prospects respond to the message you send to your email mailing list, you could potentially have turned them into loyal customers for the rest of their lives. Chances are you already know the lifetime value of your average customer. In most cases, if even one new relationship is established as a result of a mailing to an email prospect list, it will have paid for itself. When those lists are derived from an industry email database, as these are, those results are typically better than that, too. When you add to that the fact that these lists are surprisingly affordable in spite of their elite quality, you will easily realize the tremendous value. The product contains antennas,computer and software stores, computer peripheral equipment, software and accessories, radio, television and electronic stores, record and prerecorded tape stores, audio discs, tapes,video cameras, recorders and accessories, video discs, tapes email lists.