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35,800 Records - 2013 Direct Email Lists

If you have a business that would benefit from establishing a list of contacts in the food stores industry, then you would be wise to invest in a retail trade - food stores - meat, fish, supermarket, grocery etc. - decision makers email list. This kind of email list will be a real shot in the arm for your marketing efforts, enabling your message to get in front of the eyeballs of buyers and managers all across the industry.

If you've never bought an email list before, you do need to understand that you are only allowed to use the names once, unless you establish a relationship with those people because they choose to do business with you. However, those relationships are the goal of buying email lists anyway!


2013 Q1


CSV and Excel


US United States


35,800 (100% of records include "primary" email addresses!)


598 USD (One-time payment without any extra fee!)

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The chances of you establishing those kinds of relationships by emailing to a list of decision makers you bought from are higher than you might think, too. This is true for a number of reasons. For one thing, the data is fresh, which means that these are lists of food store managers and buyers that have recently opted into these lists. What's more, the fact that they've opted in means that you won't be breaking any laws by sending emails to them. Another factor which determines the quality of these types of lists is the accuracy of information which they contain. When you buy these particular email lists, you can rest assured that software has been used to insure both the accuracy of the address themselves and the fact that they all actually belong to decision makers in retail food stores. Each message sent will end up in the inbox of a person with whom you could do business. The product contains candy, nut and confectionery stores, dairy products stores, fruit and vegetable markets, grocery stores, meat and fish markets, miscellaneous food stores, retail bakeries email lists.