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107,000 Records - 2013 Direct Email Lists

Before you decide to purchase your next email marketing list take the time to ask yourself what do you hope to gain from your email marketing efforts? If you are only looking to make a quick buck, then your hard work might better be spent somewhere else. If however, you are trying to grow your business and build relationships with managers, executive, and their staff you will need a b2b email list that can keep up with your demands and help you grow in your success.

When business owners and employees first begin to utilize email marketing they often fail to realize just how powerful a tool it can be. From initiating first contact with sales and marketing directors to staying ahead of your competition, email mailing lists are a cheap effective way to keep your colleagues informed of your business.


2013 Q1


CSV and Excel


US United States


107,000 (100% of records include "primary" email addresses!)


798 USD (One-time payment without any extra fee!)

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VP Sales Marketing Email Lists

In addition, email contact lists can introduce you to leaders of your industry and keep you informed of important news, trends, and business cycles that you will want to be aware of. Although that may seem like a lot for one little business email list to accomplish, the truth is that has millions of people from all over the world participating in their opt in email lists. This is why our email contact lists can grow your circle of business associates to a much larger size in a smaller time frame than you would be able to do on your own. Saving you time and money is what our company was built to do. We want to help you reach the success that you dream of on a budget you can afford. We want your dream to grow big and fast, because your success signals our own. It can all start with one little email list, or in our case one big email database.